Touring Anheuser Busch Farfield Brewery

A member of our homebrew club organized a great tour of the Anheuser Busch Farfield Brewery yesterday. Since he works at the brewery, we received a great 2 hour behind the scenes tour.

The Farfield brewery has a 4 million! BBL production capacity and is actually one of the smaller A-B breweries. The LA Brewery can produces 12 milling BBL a year and the St. Louis Brewery can produce about 16 million BBL a year. Which is a truly amazing feat.

I wish I had taken more photos but I spent most of the time in awe of how the brewery operated.

One of the first places we stopped was the finishing fermentors.

There are 140 of these 1,600 BBL fermentors which span three floors of the building.

Beer is finished on birch wood in these fermentors. The birch wood is stored in these torpedo shaped canisters.

There brewery is incredibly energy efficient both in reclaiming water and also energy. All not brew water is used in atleast two processes. For example, the water from the last clean in place (CIP) cycle on a tank is saved and used as the first cycle on the next tank to clean. The brewery also has a bio-digester to generate methane to power the brewery, a giant windmill, and is planning on installing solar panels.

The brewery was automated in 2004 and now only needs 5 people per brew shift to operate everything. All brewing and tank transfers are controlled from a center control room in the brewhouse.



Touring Social Kitchen Brewery

While it has been open only one year, Social Kitchen Brewery is quickly becoming a mainstay of San Francisco beer. Social Kitchen hosted the Nanobrewery Festival during San Francisco Beer Week. As seen by the picture below, it was well attended. They probably turned 200 people away after filling the brewpub.

Brewmaster Rich gave us a great tour of their 15 BBL system.

Touring Thirsty Bear

Thirsty Bear is an awesome Brewpub located in downtown San Francisco. Its a place we have visited several times for happy hour but never gotten a chance to tour.

Lucky for us the Brewmaster Brenden took took some time to show us around. Below is a collection of photos we took.

Touring Uncommon Brewers

Last week we got a chance to stop by Uncommon Brewers in Santa Cruz California and talk with Alec. Alec is owner and master brewer of Uncommon Brewers who definitely making beers to match their tagline “uncommon beers for uncommon people.”

Alec was gracious enough to show us around their 30 bbl system and production brewery.

Alec started the brewery in 2007 with a 7 bbl system that was replaced with the current 30 bbl system. Uncommon brewers primarily cans their beers on a 5 head Cask canning line. Alec only had great things to say about the system. A great piece of advice was to start your label approval as soon as possible since the large can producers don’t have much experience working with microbreweries and the TTB.

Additionally Uncommon Brewers uses a disposable keg called Key Kegs which has opened some interesting markets.

Thanks again Alec for taking the time to meet with us!