SF Beer Week 2013 Events

Our SF Beer Week schedule is up! Euphemia Ales will be participating in two events this year.



Speakeasy’s Beer Week Brewery Blowout

February 15th 12:00pm – 4:00pm @ Speakeasy Ales and Lagers
Three groups of homebrewers will be brewing an upcoming unreleased Speakeasy beer on their homegrown systems. Swing by and try one (or all) of Speakeasy’s special brews on tap and learn to make beer too!


SF Barrel Walk – A Homebrew Walking Tour

February 16th 12:00pm – 4:00pm @ Mission District, SF
Home brewers are opening their backyards and garages. See how homebrew in San Francisco gets made, while we’ll all be brewing batches of the same beer so that we can fill a barrel and age it for next year’s beer week.

This is a private event. You will need to register in order to participate.  If you are interested in attending, please email us.

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