Touring Thirsty Bear

Thirsty Bear is an awesome Brewpub located in downtown San Francisco. Its a place we have visited several times for happy hour but never gotten a chance to tour.

Lucky for us the Brewmaster Brenden took took some time to show us around. Below is a collection of photos we took.

Touring Uncommon Brewers

Last week we got a chance to stop by Uncommon Brewers in Santa Cruz California and talk with Alec. Alec is owner and master brewer of Uncommon Brewers who definitely making beers to match their tagline “uncommon beers for uncommon people.”

Alec was gracious enough to show us around their 30 bbl system and production brewery.

Alec started the brewery in 2007 with a 7 bbl system that was replaced with the current 30 bbl system. Uncommon brewers primarily cans their beers on a 5 head Cask canning line. Alec only had great things to say about the system. A great piece of advice was to start your label approval as soon as possible since the large can producers don’t have much experience working with microbreweries and the TTB.

Additionally Uncommon Brewers uses a disposable keg called Key Kegs which has opened some interesting markets.

Thanks again Alec for taking the time to meet with us!


Let There (Hopefully) Be Great Beer

After watching from the sidelines, we’re throwing our hats in the ring and are starting a brewery! After 7 years of home brewing, we are going to start a community brewery with a focus on teaching San Franciscans about great beer.

The goal is have a small 3 or 7 bbl production brewery in the mission district of San Francisco. Open to the public two days a week for tastings and growler fills, we hope to provide a direct educational channel between beer fans and the art of making interesting beers.

Here are some of our fellow breweries who provide us inspiration.

Expect more details about our plans in the coming months…